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U-KISS First U.S. Headliners Tour

Jan 14 2014 12:20 AM | silverhoneycat in Kiss Me

USA, San Francisco VIP Photo Op & Concert Fan Account

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Fan Report: Christmas Event 2013

Dec 28 2013 01:35 AM | silverhoneycat in Kiss Me

Children singing, Member antics, Music, Games & Prizes!
Merry Christmas KISSme! 

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Inkigayo After Show: One Meeting, Two Reports!

Nov 04 2013 12:33 PM | silverhoneycat in Kiss Me

Soohyun declares his love, Kiseop gets kissy, Eli makes a Simply K-Pop confession & So Much More!
One fan meeting from two incredibly fresh perspectives will surely have you rolling in feels.

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Fan Report: MTV The Show & Arirang Simply K...

Oct 31 2013 03:25 AM | silverhoneycat in Kiss Me

As you might know, their new song 'She's Mine' is not out yet [at the time of this report], but we were really lucky we got to watch U-KISS perform it already!

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Fan Report: Goong in Osaka, Part 2

Aug 26 2013 12:06 AM | silverhoneycat in Kiss Me

Fan Report: Show Finale of Goong has a few surprise guests in the audience...
This report is contributed, with permission, by idobelieveinukiss

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Fan Report: Goong in Osaka, Part 1

Jul 26 2013 10:26 AM | silverhoneycat in Kiss Me

A New Feature of The Buzz; Fan Reports!
This report is contributed, with permission, by idobelieveinukiss

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The Kiss Me Experience 1.1

Jun 12 2013 01:00 AM | silverhoneycat in Kiss Me

Continuation of The Kiss Me Experience 1.0 by Sasu
Have you ever experienced the Korean or Japanese Kiss Me fandom? Let’s share our experiences!

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Shin SooHyun: The Good, The Bad and the Downrig...

Jun 11 2013 10:20 AM | PeppermintGlow in Insight

Different kinds of pain exist in this world. The kind of pain that can change people by how they perceive and deal with it. Do bad things always happen to good people? Or do people become good because of the bad things they have seen?

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Meet our New Bees!

May 20 2013 01:00 AM | loveprint in Announcements

Rocketbuzz is controlled by a creative team of writers from all parts of the world. Eight U-KISS fans currently share their opinions and research on this platform. Meet Rachel, who teaches English as a second language; Lifini, a fan fiction writer from Oregon; Laura from France, who loves to travel; Passionately opinionated JoJo from the Netherlands; Creative and loving Ida from Denmark; Multilingual Irish debutant Debi; Our personal internet celebrity Ali; and of course myself; Vicky, native Mainer and veteran over-thinker.  Please join us and take good care of us, as we revive The Buzz for our fellow KissMes worldwide.

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August 2012 Spotlight: jigymarg

Aug 18 2012 12:00 AM | canityoADORES in Interviews

Spotlight is a monthly segment that aims to help you get closer to the Kiss Mes around the world. Each month, we find one very special Kiss Me on Rocketboxx and let you get to know them better! Our second edition of 'Spotlight' features jigymarg, also known as Margarita. Margarita is a fried potato-loving person who takes the position of Subbing Captain at Rocketboxx's very own subbing team. The quirky 21-year-old resides in Greece, and I believe she has very long hair and legs and some excellent kitties.

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