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#3680259 U-KISS 4th Anniversary Project - U-NIFICATION Part 2.2

Posted by loveprint on 01 May 2012 - 12:24 AM


Banner courtesy of Heawenkisses
Click here for a Thai translation of this project.

For the final part of our 4th Anniversary project "U-NIFICATION" (see 2.1 here), we have teamed up with Korean Kiss Me's to deliver something very special to U-KISS.


Please scroll to end of first post for project status.


Success - May 5 2013
We were able to successfully deliver our dosirak delivery to uBEAT & staff members at SBS Inkigayo today. AJ personally thanked us (& AJ.COM) and Kevin also tweeted a picture out. Check it out below.
More pictures of the food itself will be uploaded soon. For now we want to thank everyone who helped us out with this project, whether it be via donations, good thoughts or physically delivering the project. Thank you!



Announcement - April 25 2013
NH EMG has finally given Rocketboxx the green light for our dosirak delivery. We will be making our delivery to uBEAT and 13 other staff members for SBS Inkigayo on May 5. This dosirak delivery will be a joint collaboration with AJ's upcoming & new fansite 'AJ.com' (www.ukiss-aj.com). Rocketboxx will be paying for all of the expenses from our collected donations (approximately $850USD) and AJ.com will assist us in delivering the project.


Announcement - April 9 2013
We have been trying to find a date to deliver the dosirak and have been in constant contact with NH EMG. Due to the schedule shifting and music show absences, it has been difficult to find a date suitable for the delivery. However, we will continue to search for that elusive day. It will be soon! Keep an eye on this thread for updates.


Announcement - March 10 2013
Yunah has delivered the pendants to U-KISS at the Collage 3rd Album Release Fan-Sign on March 10.


Announcement - December 24 2012
We apologise for the extremely delayed written update. If you had tuned in to our latest RocketRadio show (121209), we had explained that due to the nature of U-KISS's activities (with AJ taking a temporary absence from the group) there will be further delays with our U-NIFICATION project. We came to the conclusion that it would be in the best interest of the project to wait until 2013 to relay our projects to U-KISS. The reasoning behind this decision was made as we would like the whole of U-KISS to receive our gifts and, in addition, one of our staff (Yunah) will personally be in Korea next year to ensure the safe arrival of our project gifts.

We will try our best to keep you updated with all the happenings of the project from now onwards. We still have a total of $985.79 USD for food expenses. As the funds have exceeded our expectations, we may include additional gifts for U-KISS.

If you have any concerns or issues, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Yunah (canityoADORES) through PM or Twitter (@heysoldier, @canityo).

Announcement - June 13 2012
Lunchbox Delivery
It's been a roller coaster of a ride trying to get the lunchbox (도시락) delivery to U-KISS, the Korean Kiss Mes and Rocketboxx have been attempting to pick a date where it will coincide with a suitable music program appearances (only Music Bank, Music Core & Inkigayo).
As you know, DORADORA's promotions had ended abruptly and Believe promotions are being wrapped up as we speak. After a lengthy discussion with the Korean Kiss Mes, both sides have agreed that, because we want to be absolutely sure that the delivery will reach U-KISS and for our efforts to not be wasted, it is best to postpone the delivery until sometime in September (when their next schedule comeback is to be). We're extremely sorry for constant delays, we really want to shower the boys with lovely food as soon as possible, and we hope that everyone understands the decision both party has made. We assure you that, in the end, the boys will have a meal fit for a king.

Puzzle Pendants
The team at Rocketboxx has decided to engrave the number '7' on each of the puzzle pendants. As the puzzles symbolise the unity and teamwork behind U-KISS, we think that '7' is also meaningful in the way that they will celebrate their 4th anniversary together as seven; and it's also a lucky number.

Announcement - May 7 2012
Due to U-KISS's conflicting schedule in Japan, Korean Kiss Mes and Rocketboxx have decided to push the date of the food delivery to June. We will be delivering a feast to U-KISS upon their last broadcast performance of DORADORA, celebrating the end of their 6th mini-album promotions instead of the 4th anniversary. This means we have less than a month to collect all of the donations! We hope that you can spare a dollar and spread the word about this! Let's show how much we love U-KISS together.

The puzzle pendants will still be given to U-KISS as an anniversary gift.

1. Food
We are working together with Korean U-KISS fans to deliver a feast to U-KISS for their fourth anniversary. These will all be hand-made items (with love), so they are extra special. We are working with the group of fans who previously brought U-KISS the following:






See complete set of photos here.

Food gifts are especially important in Korea, as it signifies the status of an idol. The better the food, the better the idol (apparently :p). This food gift will be delivered to U-KISS close to their anniversary date in August.

2. Pendants
We are purchasing personalised puzzle piece pendants for each U-KISS member, engraved with their initial. The pendants are in the picture below (there will be 7, not 6 as shown in the picture). The meaning behind this set of pendants is that U-KISS will always be one, no matter where they are. As cheesy as it sounds, they fit perfectly with and complete each other.


Here comes the messy part. We have no problem working with the Korean Kiss Me's on making this project a reality, but we need funds to do it. After much discussion, we have come to the lowest possible amount we can ask of you.

$850 USD

We hope to reach this goal, as the food project itself will cost over $600 (to be exact, we require over $1,100 for this project). We will already be using money from our own pockets to cover much of the expenses, so please be generous. Every dollar counts!

To make a donation, simply click here (or go to the index side bar), and you can pay with PayPal!
Also, our friends ukissmeSG (Singapore), Heawenkisses (Thailand), My_KISSU (Malaysia) and Lynette (Philippines) are collecting cash for those who do not have PayPal.

As for the time frame for donations, the tracker will be up until we reach our goal. However, in order to purchase the pendants (as we are having them engraved separately), we require funds for that more quickly. So if you can spare some money, please donate as soon as you can!

What we must also ask of you is to spread the word! Remember this is an international project, so let the boys know how much they mean to you! Do not hesitate to advertise this project on Twitter, Tumblr, your personal blogs, other fan communities, anywhere! We need as much help as we can get!

Donations will be listed by country on the gift note.

Let's work together on this, Kiss Me's!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to post in this thread!


Project Status


May 7 - Puzzle pendants purchased (click here for receipt)

May 22 - Puzzle pendants received (click here for picture of a pendant)

June 18 - Puzzle pendants engraved; $105

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#3677055 U-KISS "DORADORA" Purchasing Project

Posted by loveprint on 17 April 2012 - 10:42 AM

Posted Image

As you may have been aware of, last year, Rocketboxx organised a purchasing project where we bought 90 copies of "Neverland" on the same day to boost the album's chart position. It was a success, and U-KISS did well in the Hanteo charts.

For this new mini-album, we have decided to round fans from all over the world to purchase copies of "DORADORA" on their own within a specific time frame for the same purpose. So instead of Rocketboxx purchasing the CDs for you, you will be purchasing them yourself.

The time frame we have allocated for purchasing is 25 April - 2 May, which is the first week of release. If you can, PLEASE purchase the album within this specific week in order to help U-KISS rise in the charts and possibly reach that elusive number 1.

Pre-orders do NOT count towards first week sales! Please refrain from pre-ordering! iTunes purchases will NOT be reflected on the charts!

You may purchase "DORADORA" at your local outlets, or online at:

U-KISS Facebook Music Store (digital, Soribada - Hanteo), YesAsia (Hanteo), DVDheaven (Hanteo), GMarket (Hanteo), KPOPTown (Hanteo), KpopMart (Hanteo), KPOPHeaven (Hanteo)

Tumblr blog F**kyeahUKISS is bulk-ordering "DORADORA" from a Korean supplier, which will be reflected on the Hanteo charts. Click here for info.

Streaming online will also help U-KISS! Click here for our streaming tutorial. - Purchasing digital tracks/streaming will help U-KISS more than buying physical albums!

Along with purchasing the mini-album, there are also various other ways to help U-KISS in the charts. Click here for all the other ways you can help U-KISS reach number 1!

Please spread the word of the project! Let other Kiss Me's know that they should purchase the mini-album within the specific time frame. We can take U-KISS to number 1 if we work together!
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#3698334 {TREND} Hoon's Birthday

Posted by Fishy13 on 15 August 2012 - 08:57 AM

You guys should use "Hoonglish" Like how he says Hoonmorning or Hoonnight you guys should do like #HappyHoonday!!!!! (hoon instead of B-day) yes I am that lame....just came to mind :)
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#3698331 {TREND} Hoon's Birthday

Posted by canityoADORES on 15 August 2012 - 08:46 AM

Hoon's Birthday (August 16)

We will be trending 'TO BE ANNOUNCED' at 12AM KST on 16 August, 2012.

To know what time that will be for you, please check here: http://bit.ly/MYfWjd

What is Twitter?
Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. People write short updates, often called "tweets" of 140 characters or fewer. These messages are posted to your profile or your blog, sent to your followers, and are searchable on Twitter search.

What is a trending topic?
A trending topic is a particular phrase or topic that will 'trend' once that particular phrase has been tweeted a fair number of times. It will join the other trending topics on the right hand side of the twitter home page.

How do I participate in this?
1. You need an account at twitter.com

2. Add hashtag to be announced to your every tweet.


* Please do not spam hashtag to be announced in your tweets. It does not count if it has been spammed. For tweets to be counted, only one hashtag may be included.
Example of a tweet that will not be counted:
#OnlySoohyun #OnlySoohyun #OnlySoohyun #OnlySoohyun YAY SOOHYUN!

* Unlock your accounts. Your tweets do not count if your accounts are locked.

Don't forget to follow Rocketboxx's twitter, if you haven't already. @rocketboxx

If you have any questions, please post them in this thread. :)


If you would like to suggest a hash tag, leave a post in this thread or @reply us on Twitter (@rocketboxx).

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#3727989 U-KISS First U.S Tour Support Project

Posted by kissmekate on 28 December 2013 - 05:07 PM

^^^ Of course. We've been coordinating with MNet and others involved for quite some time now.

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