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U-KISS on Strong Heart - Mockery or Heartfelt?

Kiss Me bristled when talk turned to how U-KISS has never received first place on a music show. The trouble really started when LeeTeuk suggested they hold a mock music show on Strong Heart, so U-KISS can practice winning, including the speech they’ll give, so they’ll be more prepared for when it really does happen.

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Following U-Kiss' surprise appearance on the episode of Strong Heart aired on July 3rd, KissMe turned to Twitter, Tumblr and even allkpop forums to react.

Why did it cause such a stir? What was it about the segment, the discussion and the appearance that struck a nerve with KissMe?

The segment featured Bang Eun Hee, wife of Kim Nam Hee, CEO of NH Media, talking about her love of U-KISS. U-KISS then appeared and they had a brief talk segment, followed by a gag and then a short performance.

(You can watch the clip here with English subs)

I think it’s important that Bang Eun Hee mentions that she doesn’t like idols groups and doesn’t support any idol groups. They don’t appeal to her musically, and their dancing and glossy appearances aren’t attractive to her. Despite U-KISS’ wonderful appearance and reasonable dancing ability, that’s not why she loves them so much and it’s not why she was drawn to them and stays devoted to them. She got to know them through her husband and through the company, she would see them coming in to practise every day and see them being briefed about their hectic schedules. She witnessed the hard work they put into everything and the time they dedicate to their work and I think she admired this. Not only did she see their devotion but she also saw the love they had for their jobs and the people with whom they work. She laughed with them and talked with them openly and happily, getting to know them as people rather than as celebrities for, as she said herself, she was a senior of theirs in terms of celebrity. She grew fond of them as hard-working, honest young men who knew how to have fun and got along really well with each other and with the people in their workplaces.

As she grew closer to the boys, she would play closer attention to their album releases to support them, knowing the good men that were behind the release. She would go to performances and watch the effort and power they put into each dance, even though she knew they were fatigued, and always with a smile on their faces. This made watching their album chart poorly so much harder because she knew how good-natured, kind and sincere these boys were and how much they deserved to be admired. Through following their activities more closely, and paying more attention to each of the members and the people that U-KISS are she came to love them dearly as people and as artists, supporting them with all her heart and promoting them whenever she can.

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I talk about Bang Eun Hee so thoroughly because I think her experience with U-KISS almost mirrors that of many fans, though obviously she has a little more direct contact with the boys. But what I mean is that a person become a dedicated KissMe when they discover the people behind the boyband and see what U-KISS are really like, in my fandom experience anyway. People like the songs and enjoy the performances but it’s once they get an idea of what U-KISS are really like amongst themselves, or how they get along with each other and their staff that people are really really drawn to them in a big way. I’ve found that once people experience a U-KISS comeback after falling for each of the people in the group, they cement themselves as fans and feel the same love Bang Eun Hee feels for them.

Because Bang Eun Hee loves U-KISS in a really similar way to the way I do and she has such good standing in Korea as a celebrity I feel like her words are really important. She’s acting as a loving spokesperson for our fandom and people actually listen to her and take her seriously, where they might not take a fangirl seriously. Through her mature, genuine devotion to U-KISS, I think people are more likely to understand why U-KISS have such a strong yet small following even after many unsuccessful comebacks. Her words likely opened people’s eyes to the side of U-KISS that is truly cherish by their fans and staff alike and I think her segment is really important for U-KISS’ image and overall a great thing for them.

It wasn’t Bang Eun Hee’s talk segment that caused issue though, but rather the joke made during U-KISS’ actual appearance. Bang Eun Hee had mentioned how it pained her that because of unfortunate circumstances and her husband’s small company, U-KISS had never been able to achieve a number one and how it upset her and her husband greatly because they sympathise with the boys. I think it’s important that this came as a surprise to some of the guests on Strong Heart, who thought U-KISS must have at least won once for Man Man Ha Ni. When U-KISS made their surprise appearance and had a cuddly reunion with Bang Eun Hee, they engaged in some natural conversation with funny exchanges. All the guests seemed to enjoy U-KISS’ humour and Dongho was really comfortable. These are all good things.

KissMe bristled when talk turned to how U-KISS have never received first place on a music show, and the trouble really started when Leeteuk suggested they hold a mock Music Show on Strong Heart, so U-KISS can practise winning and the speech they’ll give, so they’ll be more prepared when they do actually win.

Posted Image

This was the problem and this is what offended KissMe. Focusing on that one thing that seemed to become the centre of our entire fandom experience in recent years, highlighting to all the guests and all the viewers that U-KISS aren’t a number one kind of idol group and they have never been able to get that first place they so desire. As they said on the show, it is their dream.

What we need to ask ourselves, as fans, is why this is such an issue and why it struck a nerve with so many KissMe. Is the problem that we consider this a point of shame for U-KISS, and that we work really hard every comeback so they can hold their head up with pride amongst their peers and show that they are “good enough” and they are a talented, professional idol group? Were the hosts making U-KISS out to be the laughing stock of the entertainment industry, a pathetic group that’s been around for so long and yet still hasn’t got enough fans or talent to get a number one?

It seemed to affect KissMe because they could see some members of U-KISS get genuinely a little bit teary, actually imagining what it would be like to win. And of course we saw Bang Eun Hee tearing up, along with some of the other guests on the show. To those that know U-KISS well, they knew and realised what a big deal the win would be for them and they realised the significance it would hold for the boys, and even though it was a joke they got caught up with their emotions.

With an overall knowledge of U-KISS and the desperate atmosphere that can be felt in the fandom around comeback times striving ever harder for that elusive win, the joke can be viewed as slightly hurtful and mocking in the deepest most offensive sense. It undermines all the sincere efforts we make for U-KISS and all the promotion efforts they put in themselves. It shows to everyone that U-KISS actually achieving a win is something of a joke in itself. It wrings out for the kpop world to see that U-KISS are a sub-par group, where the chance of placing first on a music show is laughable.

That is why KissMe quivered with indignation and why they felt cut deeply and maliciously. To us, U-KISS and their chart positions are a really touchy topic but I think many KissMe don’t consider that it’s not an issue for other people and that no one really knows about our KissMe desperation for a win. It’s for this reason that I think Strong Heart aren’t at fault here, I think it’s us. Strong Heart just wanted to give U-KISS some airtime and help them promote themselves, making a joke that would get them attention and be funny. They didn’t set out to undermine U-KISS and they didn’t intend to make them seem talentless. That’s how it looked to me anyway.

KissMe that were hurt by the joke and the treatment of U-KISS seem to be ignoring the big positives about U-KISS’ appearance, and there are reams of positives. Strong Heart is a hugely popular show with esteemed guests on which U-KISS has never appeared (except for Dongho. Go you!) and having a group appearance and a sizable segment is a brilliant thing for their reputation and their popularity. The problem people have with this is that their only big appearance is one making crucial fun of them and their one time on the show is one where they are made a laughing stock. What we have to do is look at it from the perspective of the kind of people like Shin Dongyup, who I feel represents a lot of the viewers, who was surprised that U-KISS had never got first place and didn’t think it was an issue at all. This joke wasn’t intended to hurt U-KISS or their fans; it was simply intended to give U-KISS some airtime to showcase their humour and appeal.

The gag about winning wasn’t to show that U-KISS couldn’t win, but rather to show how overjoyed everyone will be when, not if, they do win. It was a celebration of their future win, rather than a signpost of the absence of a previous win. To a viewer not sensitive to the winning issue, the joke about the fake win was only a very small part of the segment; most of the segment was Bang Eun Hee praising U-KISS and talking at length about how she truly adores them, then U-KISS appeared and seemed funny and natural and like great guests. Bang Eun Hee is a respected senior in the Korean entertainment industry and her genuine words of praise are powerful and significant. This long and overall positive segment about U-KISS is a really important and influential thing.

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We need to look at the constructive benefits this has for the boys and for the fanclub. Guests and viewers of Strong Heart have Bang Eun Hee as a window into the heart of a genuine fan, and we are more likely to be taken seriously when people have an almost personal connection with us; when we’re seen as loving, caring people rather than a singular group of screaming teenage girls. When people listen to Bang Eun Hee and really understand what she has to say about U-KISS and why she loves them, they open themselves up to loving and supporting U-KISS and helping them to achieve that win that they now know U-KISS desire.

The appearance of the boys and their happy wordplay and interaction with their seniors helped to cement them in the hearts of the viewers and the guests, and I think we need to see that this is not something about which we should be offended and this is not a negative thing for U-KISS on the whole. We should never oppose appearances like this, and we should always question why something bothers us because often it’s not something that will transfer to other kpop fans, or the general viewership. We need to remember that almost all press is good press and it’s great that people are talking about U-KISS and keeping them in their minds.

I'm not entirely sure on this, I'm just trying to pull my thought together on the subject. It's complicated because we need to draw the line where things are fandom specific issues or general issues. I think it's important that we talk about these things as fans and share our opinions on topics like these. How did you react to the Strong Heart appearance? Why do you think you felt like that? How did you feel about other fans' reactions? These are the kind of things we should all talk about, because there's no definite answers to any of these kinds of questions, and there isn't one correct way to think about this, it's just how I'm making sense of it all.
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ah~ im thinking the same as you. i dont feel offended in any way.

but it kinda hurt when someone at the back said
"why are you crying? its only practice" thats insensitive.

but the whole mock winning segment is okay thou -____-
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Thanks for sharing dear!!! I'm about to cry after reafing this post. UKISS fighting!!! KISSme is always with u forever~
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totally agree with ya~ and not only that i think it's nice that Inkigayo took away the take 7 cuz the music is what this is all about not first place
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Agree mate.
All I saw was the boys crying and I cried along with them. The segment was spotlighted on Bang Eun Hee talking about U-Kiss.
Getting number 1 is an achievement not a status glory. But U-kiss will still be our number 1 favourite group.
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I was really mad at first too, but after I read better translations, I was very happy that Bang Eun Hee said such nice things about UKISS,
and I hope the korean audience will appreciate them a bit more from now on... >_<
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You did an awesome job peer!
I agree with you.

Also, even though you need to be aware of this, people need to ask themselves: "do Korean see it from the same perspective?" , because jokes, puns, expressions, words, etc, aren't perceived the same in your cultural background and another. This is my major and I know it's not as easy as it seems to do so.
But from my little Korean knowledge, and from what I experienced, I don't think the pity viewers can feel be a bad thing. What I call the pity here is the 'oh they do work hard' feeling. By aknowledging that this group works hard but never received anything to congratulate their hard work, viewers may realize that the entertainment industry is a bit unfair - although they may already know (i.e. the Big Three). Pity can lead to compassion and maybe I used pity to actually talk about compassion. See, there's a perception problem here too.
We still have no idea of the Korean point of view so it would be nice if fans could sit down and reflect about cultural perceptions once.

And after the broadcast, they were high in real-time search engines, articles poped out everywhere. This is publicity! You had a great point too here, because people need to think about it too.
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When I first watched the broadcast without subs I was just sad. It seemed like such a huge mocking of U-Kiss and Kevin and Dongho on the verge of tears didn't help at all.

Then I read the translations, the article on Allkpop and watched the subbed versions, including Bang Eunhee's interview before the surprise appearance of U-Kiss. It really got to me how she acknowledged the hard work and efforts of U-Kiss, and not just a lady boss who's the superior of U-Kiss.

And also because of the publicity they received from the 'ceremony', I am very glad at people are now more aware of them, and also the fact that they didn't win. This doesn't apply to me, but I do know some Kissmes who really got into the fandom after knowing how much work they put in to put up amazing performances.

This is slight irrelevant, but I sort of want U-Kiss to be viewed as the always hardworking, never settling for a 2nd place band. Sounds obscure, but that's what I want.
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me too.... i also thought the same things...
but actually i dislike how leeteuk and the others ask them to make " the speech" ....
it just... i don't know.
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First of all, this is a great article and very well thought-out. Your article really made me think more deeply about their appearance on Strong Heart and I think that now is the perfect time to talk about this in a more analytical way. I mean, when it first got out, there were lots of personal emotions involved in how we, Kissmes, saw the appearance in the show but now, those feelings have calmed down a bit and we can really think about it without letting our feelings get the better of us.

I felt that Bang Eun Hee really represented very well the feelings of Kissmes and people who love UKISS. Anyone with two eyes could see that she cared deeply about them. And in that sense, I also think that she did a great job in 'selling' UKISS and showing why UKISS is so devotedly loved by our fandom.

I hadn't paid attention to it till you mentioned it but I find it very significative that there were people who were surprised that they hadn't got first place in music shows. It shows that this thing about winning first place is mostly hyped by kpop and although we sometimes forget it, there more to k-music than kpop, and that first place isn't everything. Before discovering UKISS, I didn't pay any attention to kpop (even now I only pay attention to kpop due to UKISS) and I have to say that I never cared if the western artists I liked won prizes or not, I only cared for their music. So, why should I care if UKISS won first place or not when I have never cared about these things in the past? I think I started caring because everyone was so focused on that... I mean, I heard of how the boys really desired it and also because lots of Kissmes gave it a lot of importance.

But the question here is why is it an issue for Kissmes? I think it has been a big issue since Neverland. It may have always been an issue even from before but for me, the Neverland comeback marked this topic as highly sensitive for the fandom, above all when the boys 'asked very strongly' for support during that comeback. I think this first place issue is a very sensitive issue for Kissmes because we've seen how they desire that win and we've been unsuccessful so far to award it to them. And when the issue is brought up, we feel that it may hurt them and in turn, we become defensive of it. I don't really think there are many Kissmes who think this is a point of shame, and those who think that it's mostly those who are very into kpop and whose only existence are music programs and such.

It has come to me now but I also think this is a sensitive topic because of everything related with not winning first place (small fandom, low sales, no recognition...). I mean, I've read lots of comments about people using the no-win and the related terms to no-win as arguments to justify their hate, to belittle them or to mock them and that hurts because we love them and perhaps we feel that this pretend-win was another thing which would be used to mock them... I don't know, there are just too many things involved to be able to be completely objective or to be able to pinpoint the why easily...

(lol, I wrote a lot.)
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Good article! I didn't even realize that people were upset about the interview. I guess I don't frequent places where people rant as much.

When I first saw it I was really touched by bang eunhee because I felt that she was expressing a lot of things about ukiss that I felt so much. About how much I love them, some of the reasons I love them, and how much my heart aches when they come out with an album ad the media doesn't really seem to acknowledge them all that much because the media is so focused on hyping the popularity of these first place winners.

I wasn't offended at the mock win, although my heart was a bit pained. I think the main reason is that leeteuk said it was practice for when they win first place, not if. It seemed to me that they were saying that ukiss is good enough to get first and if the music programs won't give it to them then strongheart will. Maybe it was just me that thought that though.

Most of all I was touched at how high the emotions went for ukiss. People were surprised that ukiss had not gotten first, meaning that in there minds ukiss was as good as a first place winner. And then other people were touched by ukiss's desire and hardships and cried for them as well.

Overall I thought it was a really good episode for promoting ukiss
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Omg those were my thoughts exactly! At first, I was a little upset, thinking that it was some form of mockery but after thinking it over, I realized how close-minded I was being....

I was really happy when the audience was surprised at U-kiss not winning, it meant that they thought U-kiss was good and has potential ;_; I was really happy that the audience was really supportive of them. I think the "win" wasn't meant to offend, but I guess it was some form of motivation? kind of like "Come on, you can do this! One day this will be yours!"

I think, like you said, this was good for U-kiss's publicity in general
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i have mixed feelings with the "winning part" especially that my ultimate bias is the one who cried, kevin who is the most cheerful of all of them...

this is sensitive topic for u-kiss and kiss me's, we just want them to win no. 1 because it will make the boys happy...
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I was actually really touched when I watched the episode and not took it as hurtful or anything, I mean I was sad and still am because we put so much effort every time and yet we haven't been able to get our boys to first place, when they deserved so much and their reactions to everything just got to me but I never actually thought it was bad or they were making fun of them at all, I mean those kind of shows are meant to be like that.

So when I started reading all of those comments of angry kiss me I was surprised and for a moment started over think stuff and feel sad thinking of it that way, but I realized that it wasn't it and we should not think that way, I know its a touchy subject but we like you said, should be happy that our boys get more air time and people can see them for who they are and how they deserve to win, and how much effort its put into it every time and in a near feature we are going to see our boys win.

I don't if I'm rambling now but yeah, I just don't think we should be upset about it, rather happy to see our boys hearts like that.
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(Imho) If anything, these boys have proven they don't need to take home a number one trophy to be the number one in the heart of their fans.

The number one spot may well be the recognition for all their hard work and passion they put into their music. Why they haven’t reached it yet is beyond me. However, reaching the number one position isn’t the most important thing in true music. It’s reaching out to people and touching them, bringing happiness, inspiration, creativity, enriching people’s lives with their passion for music as an artist. U-KISS has done all of that, they broken through all language and cultural barriers. They are performing around the world. They are bringing fans from all over the world together, (this wonderful Rocketboxx is proof).

The downside there is imho, is this. I don’t want them to be thought of as the group who is so amazing, but hasn’t yet reached the number one spot. They are so much more than that. There should only be a focus on all the amazing things they have achieved, for what they are and what they mean to their fans. Everything they manage to achieve from now on is just a wonderful addition to their already amazing achievements so far. Because the most important thing, they are truly being loved for all their efforts, hard work, their music.
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At first I thought the bit was in bad taste but then I
read the comments at the end of the initial article. So many fans not just KissMe understanding what we go through. How they sympathized with our boys. Many vowing to join in next time to help us reach our goal. Regardless of whether their bias group is promoting at that time. That warmed my heart but I know many KissMe wont be calmed by this. To alude to what the amazing writer to this article stated, this did so much more good than bad. Great promotional show. And I believe a great success.
Slightly off topic.
I think KissMe sentivity towards issues is lost on me. Even though I adore U-Kiss I tend to be very critical of them, especially with their music. When I think of the U-Kiss albums I've bought even if honestly I don't LOVE the songs. I noticed I bought the albums simply becuase I do love U-Kiss Their personalities draw me in and make me want to support them.
Well yeah those were my two cents.
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First of all THANKS..
First i saw Strong heart and it hurts me. Really. It is UKiss and Kissme´s heartbreak theme. Or?
UKISS is talented group and they have a lot of nice songs. I wonder why cant be UKISS in every comeback no.1? I support them from my heart. I am not korean and i am foreign kissme. I buy every single albums and vote for UKISS. I think i do all my best until i cant. And i am hoping , hoping and still hoping. Sometimes i think - Does Ukiss have a small fanbase? or Do not Kissme do enough for UKISS? But it is not important. No matter what i love and support UKISS.
Kissmes stiil support UKISS. Maybe next time we can try all our best to be UKISS no.1. I hope ^^_^^
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Though I do generally agree with what most of the comments are saying, there is still part of me that feels the episode was slightly in a mocking manner. Why? Mostly because of the culture I was raised in. Growing up in the American culture, it's often that the "winners" get all the praise and attention while everyone else is ushered aside and told to move on. So to have them come up and pretend they got first place is kind of similar to telling a little girl to go play in her imaginary house and bake cookies or a little boy to go play superhero.

I think the reason why some Kiss Mes may have been sore about the episode is because of the fact that they were on Strong Heart. Leeteuk is a very nice and well-rounded guy, but he also happens to be a part of the band that gets awards like candy out of a pinata and most likely introduces new Kpop fans to the Kpop world. Not that it came off this way at all, but to some Kiss Mes it could be as if he were saying, "Oh here Ukiss, would you like to pretend you got awards? I can tell you how to properly behave since my band already has a bunch of them." Sometimes I think winning so much is a bad thing because you can forget what it's like to not win and then you suddenly don't know what went wrong or what to do about it.

I myself did start out with Super Junior but as I explored the Kpop world, I found Ukiss. At first I liked their music, but was slightly indifferent. Now, I adore them for their eagerness to work so hard and live the Idol life in such a humble manner. People say that a band is reflected by their fans and I think Ukiss fits that saying. We love Ukiss more than anything and support them, and they in turn work harder and harder to do what they love to the best of their ability, for themselves and for the fans.
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Overall, I heartily agree that the appearance was good for U-KISS. Since NHM is so small, it's hard for them to get airtime on popular TV shows. (Not bashing other groups, but it's pretty obvious that YG is basically in bed with SBS and SM with KBS.) It was good that the guys got to show their off-stage personalities to a lot of people who normally wouldn't see that.

The practice award session didn't make me angry, but it did make me sad to see Kevin and Dongho cry. I don't believe that it was meant to poke fun at U-KISS and I don't believe that Leeteuk intended to mock or upset them. (He even said that it was practice for when, not if, they win.) I think that most people just don't understand what it's like for them, particularly entertainers from larger companies who have basically been popular from the get-go.

I can't imagine that it's easy having a smaller fanbase in your own country than overseas, even though the boys appreciate all of us. Every comeback, they talk about the goal of getting that elusive #1 spot. Because kissmes love U-KISS, we want them to achieve their goals and to be happy. That's why we international kissmes spend our time voting with fake Korean IP addresses, participating in bulk orders of albums, etc. It's also why we're upset that it hasn't happened yet.

Unfortunately, the music show awards are heavily biased toward artists with large fanbases in Korea. This is a holdover from the days before the Hallyu wave, but it looks like the executives are starting to recognize that. The real money in k-pop is made internationally. It's no longer an option for the music shows to ignore foreign fans. Inkigayo performances are now available the next day on YouTube and M Countdown streams live globally.

With the Multizen now gone, we may be entering a new era where there will be no music show awards at all. Personally, I think that is a good thing. Although, I must admit that I really want that #1 to happen for our boys before the awards are gone for good.
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At first I thought the bit was in bad taste but then I
read the comments at the end of the initial article. So many fans not just KissMe understanding what we go through. How they sympathized with our boys. Many vowing to join in next time to help us reach our goal. Regardless of whether their bias group is promoting at that time. That warmed my heart but I know many KissMe wont be calmed by this.

I think so too. At first I thought there would be the hate from the typical UKISS-antifans saying what they always say like they should disband and such. But when I went to Allkpop and forums where they talked about it, most people were symphatizing and wished success for them in the near future or said they'd support them in their next comeback (although I'm sure they won't support them for real). I didn't see any hateful comments towards them (though perhaps now there are) or said that the pretend-win was of bad taste. It showed me that people who aren't kissmes saw it in a totally different way. It was only us who thought that it was something horrible to do to them and who were upset about it.

Overall, I heartily agree that the appearance was good for U-KISS. Since NHM is so small, it's hard for them to get airtime on popular TV shows.
With the Multizen now gone, we may be entering a new era where there will be no music show awards at all. Personally, I think that is a good thing. Although, I must admit that I really want that #1 to happen for our boys before the awards are gone for good.

I think no one can deny that the big companies get the airtime needed without breaking a sweat so I also think that their appearance in the show was very positive for them. If you take out the pretend win, the rest of the UKISS segment was a great promo stunt and even the pretend-win may have endeared people to them. Everyone may have focused on the pretend game but I really loved Bang Eun Hee's fragment. And I think it brought them closer to a lot of people.

And about the mutizen... I also think it's a good move because it's moving towards a system which emphasizes on good music instead of popularity (or at least I hope so, only time will tell). It's something they should have done long ago if they want to make Kpop really international because people not into kpop will only be interested in good music. Who knows if all these music awards will really disappear... I mean, I read many comments from people who were disappointed by Inki's change (and their reasons were so... 'kpopish'... *eye roll*). I'd really be interested to know what Korean people think about this change because like it or not, it's their industry (even if some international fans are so deluded as to think that their opinions are the only ones that count or that their opinions are 100% shared by Koreans as well).
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Slightly aside from the article itself, I think the importance on winning number one is, for many fans, something without depth behind it and it's just a trophy they want U-Kiss to be able to take home for the sole reason that U-Kiss want it. But I think there are fans out there, myself included, that don't want the first place for the trophy and the glory but rather for the huge increase in attention they will receive if they get a surprise number one. People will sit up and take notice of them, and even though they will probably receive more criticism from the wider audience, they will also draw in lots of potential fans that may never have noticed them earlier.

What I think is unfortunate about the fandom in recent years is that our entire fandom focus seems to be on scraping a number one for U-Kiss by desperate measures, which I think can show an image of a boring, desperate fandom that's not nice to be a part of. I think at times we form a reputation for ourselves as KissMe: the desperate delusional fandom, because with our small numbers we do aim pretty high against competing popular artists.

But I feel like any kpop fan from another fandom that takes a peek at what a bunch of KissMe are talking about or blogging about around a comeback, it all seems a bit frantic and pushing pushing pushing for online votes and streaming and trying to force and convince every single person who is partial to U-Kiss to vote vote vote for them. It seems no fun, and it seems to be a fandom with only one focus.

I think KissMe would do better to focus a whole lot less on music show awards, because I kinda get the impression U-Kiss only started pushing for them after KissMe started really pushing for them and telling the boys about it. I think as a fandom we could move away from this central focus and find ourselves as KissMe once again. Maybe we could push for more variety shows by making sure their appearances do really well, maybe we could push for higher album sales so the quality of their album cases/photobooks/posters will improve (we're actually looking into doing this on fuckyeahukiss using ad revenue and then selling the albums as cheap as we can or something like that. we're still thinking about it). Maybe we can push for hugely popular music videos so each of their official MVs gets lots and lots of view and U-Kiss know we love great music videos.

Fan behaviour influences the artists a whole lot, and I think when we hold music show awards as the pinnacle of success, then U-Kiss are going to have to strive for that. We work with U-Kiss to create this fandom and I personally think we need to take a U turn with all this music show award stuff.

edit: (here, my comment disappeared and I can't really remember what I said to close this off..)

Hopefully Music Bank will do away with it's award and there will be no more awards to fight for, and the fandom will focus its energies elsewhere and we can focus on having fun and enjoying U-Kiss rather than working ourselves to the bone to scrape a win.
Without the pressure of awards and getting a number one, I think U-Kiss could really shine in the variety side of things. I don't know. I have never enjoyed the desperate push for number one, I've always preferred times when U-Kiss aren't actively promoting on Music Shows, but rather making appearances on shows and doing smaller concerts and having lots of fansigns and fanmeetings. They always seems more relaxed and happy.

but again, this is really a tangent from this article. I just saw similar points being raised in the comments.
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There are many reasons why people reacted in the way that they reacted regarding this issue. Personally, I saw a mixture of both reactions. People who reacted in seeing this in the negative light was obviously more frequent than the people who saw it a bit more lightheartedly or just overall chose to see it as a bit of an either amusing or even kind gesture for the boys.

Personally, watching this did hurt a little. It wasn't because of the action itself. We all should be aware of the scripts and stages in these sort of shows from the part of the MC's, so understand that side and knowing that the things that are most obvious for Korea are what are pointed out, for everyone (i.e when One of the members from KARA fell down during a performance, they never seemed to be able to let it go.) Either way for me what struck a nerve really wasn't the fact they did this to the boys, it was the reactions they had. I mean we've followed them and we see the desire they have for this, the ambition and absolutely strong want for this winning No. 1, something we sometimes are unable to understand why it's so important. It hurt a little to see them trying to hold back the true emotions they had in their faces. And it was undeniably painful to see them being unable to play along any longer, even though it seemed to be according to the whole scenario, especially Kevin and Dongho. And for me, Soohyun. Definitely seeing his face and how he was trying his hardest not to react the way he wanted, to be professional and play along, just THAT face, it just absolutely struck me in the cruelest of ways.

Though, I see it now and I find myself unable to to react the same way, or at least try to. In the end, we know this is nothing compared to the many other hardships they've felt and have had over the years. This is something that is pointed out repeatedly, and will sadly be brought up until they achieve it, this will still mean nothing in the end. They are strong people who have come a long way with their own hands, and have managed to climb up on their own. I really doubt that something like this would be something that would stop them from being the people we know on shows or anywhere. So that calms my emotional mentality towards this.

Over all, I just feel that it was uncalled for. But we can all be good sports about it and support them.
"STAY CALM AND SUPPORT U-KISS!" should be our official KM motto.
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Maybe we could push for more variety shows by making sure their appearances do really well, maybe we could push for higher album sales so the quality of their album cases/photobooks/posters will improve (we're actually looking into doing this on fuckyeahukiss using ad revenue and then selling the albums as cheap as we can or something like that. we're still thinking about it). Maybe we can push for hugely popular music videos so each of their official MVs gets lots and lots of view and U-Kiss know we love great music videos.

You got some interesting points here. I agree with you that many times KMs come across as desperate, above all when going to other fandoms to beg for votes. I really hate to read comments of KMs begging for people to vote for UKISS because I feel like these kinds of comments only shame our fandom and UKISS.

I'd really like for us to push for more variety shows. But could we achieve that? I think that would be very difficult and if NH hasn't achieved that by now, how will we be able to make them start doing that now? Perhaps the most realistic option is to push for higher album sales. That alone would be a great thing to achieve and it's something we could really do. UKISS' album sales could really improve and your idea for FYU seems really good. I hope you really can do that because it sounds great.
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Well~ I don't get offended at all but I was sad to see them in that way, also everytime I hear him talking about win a number one, because even if I'm a new kiss me I knew and see how they wish to win and I really wanna support them so much~ I really love Ukiss and I hope they win soon a number one~
I'm really sad to know how much time they have in the industry and even guilty for not being able to support them more than I did.

I remember Kiseop in ulzzang shidae drawing a "1" as his Christmas wish~ also everytime they talk about that, I'm not a Kpop fan~ I'm only a Kiss me and I think U-kiss is really wonderful, talented and humble.
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I feel like the whole concept of winning a first place trophy on a music show has become so obscure lately. I've been a fan of KPOP since around 2007, and KPOP wasn't about winning #1, like it is now. I used to be able to just enjoy the music and not care about winning awards and whatnot, but now it seems like everything is a competition and I'm guilty of being one of the people who've been sucked into the whole competition and wanting my favorite artist to win. It seems now whenever a group makes their comeback, I'll always see comments such as "we have to vote!", "stream their music", "let's make them win #1!", U-Kiss included. KPOP now is more about competition and winning, and with so many idol groups debuting, it's become more so.

I feel like the large amount of idol groups in KPOP has to do with the want...or rather, the need to win first place. I've come to the conclusion that winning a #1 is like making a statement on how successful or popular an artist is. With so many idol groups and artists already in the mainstream market, everyone wants their favorite artist(s) to stand out and succeed. When an artist/group wins #1, it's kind of like showing how they were able to stand above every other artist/group they were competing against, they were able to distinguish themselves from the loads of idol groups out there and come out on top and receive recognition from people.

I feel like with U-Kiss, and other artists, winning #1 has to do with receiving recognition from the people. With U-Kiss, it's been 4 years since their debut and just think about the amount of effort and hard work they put in to making music. How much sleep did they lose and how hectic were their schedules in putting effort into making themselves more known? Winning #1 shows that all their hard work paid off in the end. In my opinion, I don't think artists need to win a #1 to know that their efforts were worth it. All they need to do is look at their fans and see the support they receive from them. But again, the concept of winning has become obscure in KPOP.
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