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August 2012 Spotlight: jigymarg


Spotlight is a monthly segment that aims to help you get closer to the Kiss Mes around the world. Each month, we find one very special Kiss Me on Rocketboxx and let you get to know them better! Our second edition of 'Spotlight' features jigymarg, also known as Margarita. Margarita is a fried potato-loving person who takes the position of Subbing Captain at Rocketboxx's very own subbing team. The quirky 21-year-old resides in Greece, and I believe she has very long hair and legs and some excellent kitties.

Posted Image

Yunah: Introduce yourself to us!
Margarita: Hi everyone! I'm Margarita, almost 21 years old and I'm from Greece. Nice to meet you!

Y: What is Greece like?
M: It is pretty! I think Greece is the best during summer. I'm a summer person so I enjoy the islands,the sun, the beaches a lot. I don't think I could live somewhere else to be honest.

Y: What is the origin of your username?
M: An old friend created it for me and since then I use it almost everywhere. It doesn't really have a meaning.

Y: How did you become a Kiss Me, and find out about Rocketboxx?
M: I became a Kiss Me after watching U-KISS's Vampire. I started watching it because Hyung Joon was appearing in the first episode and since then I haven't turned back. After finishing Vampire, I searched for U-KISS's forum and that's how I found Rocketboxx!

Y: What is one thing you like most about Rocketboxx?
M: I love how professional Rocketboxx is. I think it's one of the most "mature" fanforums out there.

Y: You are RocketSubs's Subbing Captain, can you tell us what you do as a SubCap?
M: Basically, I'm Yunah's assistant for the subbing matters. I keep track of the projects that we work on, I make sure that all subbers are doing their work on time and efficiently, I help with checking the videos so we are 100% sure that they are ready to be released etc.

Y: Why did you want to be a Subbing Captain?
M: I wanted to help U-KISS in every possible way, and the only thing that I know well is subbing, so why not? Also, Yunah was busy at that time and I wanted to take some weight off her shoulders.

Y: Who is your U-KISS bias and why?
M: I like Eli the most. He is good fun.

Y: What is your all-time favourite U-KISS song and MV?
M: It's difficult to pick an all-time favourite song/MV. I change my mind all the time. Right now, I enjoy listening to Obsession. For MV I will choose 0330.

Y: What is your favourite U-KISS moment and why?
M: When U-KISS got the second place at Oricon Chart back on December 2010. It felt nice that some of their efforts were finally paid off.

Y: What is one thing you wish U-KISS never did?
M: I wish Eli and Kibum never acted in Autumn Destiny. It was so weird with the dubbed voices. :s

Y: What is the craziest thing you've done for U-KISS? If none, what would you like to do?
M: Does spending an incredibly big amount of money on buying streaming cards and the same album 98589544 times count as crazy?

Y: I know you haven't met U-KISS yet, how do you fantasise it would all go down?
M: I don't know. I never thought about it. I would probably just stare at them the whole time and then I would bother my friends by repeating how great U-KISS is for the next 6 months.

Y: Besides U-KISS, what else you do like?
M: SS501, fried potatoes, cheese, B-bomb, coca cola, A-JAX, summer, tart cherries (in any form), music boxes, Rainbow, mushrooms, Jeremy Kapone, cats, dogs, internet, peach flavored ice tea, nuggets, The Simpsons, Backstreet Boys, onion rings, pasta... There are more but these popped into my mind just now.

Y: What's an interesting fact about you?
M: I don't like pizza.

Y: What is the first impression most people have about you?
M: That I'm really shy/indifferent. I don't open up easily, so most of the times I'm not talkative.

Y: If tomorrow was the last day on earth, what would you wear?

Y: If you were a superhero, who would you be?
M: I don't know. No one.

Y: What is the strangest thing you've eaten?
M: There isn't a specific food, but I eat almost everything with feta cheese. So I guess whatever doesn't match with feta is the strangest thing I've eaten…?

Y: Please introduce us to your cats. Pictures are necessary.
Posted Image
This is Booboo. She is 7 years old and she likes to be petted :3 She is the best, prettiest, smartest, coolest kitty in the world ♥

Posted Image
And this is Poochai, Booboo's baby. He is 1 year old. He only likes food. Nothing else. He doesn't like to be touched and he comes home only when he wants to eat. He isn't fond of pictures (I asked help from my mom to take one :C ). Nonetheless he is a cute, fat ball, right?

Y: Please say a few words to the members of Rocketboxx.
M: Let's have fun whilst helping our boys to shine even more brightly! ^^ Please, keep on supporting U-KISS and Rocketboxx!

10-Question Lightning Round!
Y: The Notebook or Titanic?
M: Titanic!!

Y: Coffee or Tea?
M: Tea!

Y: Soohyun's neck mole or Kevin's chest mole?
M: Soohyun's neck mole :B

Y: Morning person or Night owl?
M: Definitely a night owl.

Y: A fish walking or A dog in a fishbowl?
M: A dog in a fishbowl sounds a bit too cruel, so I'll choose a walking fish.

Y: Books or Movies?
M: Movies because I'm lazy.

Y: Peanuts or Walnuts?
M: Peanuts.

Y: Horror or Comedy?
M: Comedy.

Y: Peanut butter or Nutella?

Y: Booboo or Poochai?
M: Booboo :3

And that's all from Margarita! We hope you had a blast getting to know her and her cats better. If you have any ideas on who should feature in the next Spotlight (even if it's you!) or what questions you'd like to see answered, leave your suggestions in the comments below or via the 'Tip Us' on the right-hand side.

Click here to read last month's edition of Spotlight with Annie, (A_for_Annie).
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I had to melt at the cat photos! Hahaha!

This is so cool. Now, I'm wondering how long her hair is.

*now plans on how to answer should she be featured*
    • 1
Hi Margarita!

This seems very interesting :D I want to go to Greece, it does seem like a very pretty place :)

Nice to meet you ^^
    • 1
Nice to get to know you better!

Booboo sounds nice. I'm still scarred from my childhood psychotic insane cat our family had. But recently I've started to like cats more.
    • 1
Hope I get to visit Greece one day :)

Booboo and Poochai are really adorable! :3

And of course thank you for all your hard work on RocketSubs, your support and dedication!
    • 1
Hi Margarita!
Nice to meet you.
Your interview is interesting. Actually long time ago i really hate cats but now i like. Yesterday i gave to my friend´s cat Kevin´s name. ^^_^^
    • 1
Hi Margarita!
My name is Nhi! Nice to meet you!
Thank you for all your hard work on Rocketsubs!!
Hope i get to go to Greece one day!
I'm Vietnamese but i move to the US 5 1/2 years ago!
I love meeting others KISSME around the world!!!
    • 1
Hi Margarita!
I'm happy to have you as our subbing captain- keep up the awesome work you put in to make U-Kiss and Rocketboxx amazing!! :)
    • 1
Hahah all of your answers crack me up sooo much!!! h ahaha Ur an awesome person and thank you for being such a big helper on the subbing! hehe I just realize ur cat's name "Poo Chai" means "guy" in thai LOL. which make sense since ur cat is a male xDD hehe
    • 1
    • 1
hahah Hi Margarita! Thanks for your effort ... and Sohyun`s neck mole ajfnkjsdnfkds .... XD
    • 1
aww :3 i like your cats since i really love cats very much <3 :3 Hope I could visit your place (Greece) one day. :D seriously i cant get my eyes off your cats~~~ whooshh
    • 1

OMG... margarita is awesome.. haha i love her kitties//.. XD reminds me of AJ.. hahaha and booboo looks like one of my cats before. *we lost her* T_T

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