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My name is Juliet!! Kevin is my bias but AJ is a super close second. (I also ship JaeVin. hehe) But I just love all of them including the old members! ^^

I love a lot of Kpop groups but some of my favorites are Infinite, EXO, B.A.P, and BtoB. SHINee is pretty awesome too 'cause they sing about me! haha so glad my name is Juliet! Girls Generation is my favorite girl group and also my ultimate favorite group. hehe (I'm a Taeganger and Taeyeon is my one and only ultimate bias! ^ w ^) I also really like Secret and lots of other girl groups! ^^ I could make a huge list but I'll just leave it to those. YAY Kpop :D

I really like dancing Kpop dances, drawing, Anime, playing video games, and Kpop (obviously) I am also interested in Instruments and I love to sing! I really like language too and plan on being a linguist. I taught myself to read Hangul and also taught myself how to read Katakana and Hiragana. I took 2 years of German too. I generally love to learn any language basically. hehe

I found out about U-kiss when they came out with 0330 and I liked them but didn't do too much research into them until later. Then Neverland really caught my attention. It was pure genius made into a song! I loved them ever since! That was also the first dance I fully learned. (Let me tell you it is very difficult and will make you SO TIRED AND SWEATY!) Also, Neverland was when I was mesmerized by Kevin. His hair is so awesome in that video. He just looks so good! *totally crushes on Kevin* Also, his voice totally melts me like a chocolate candy bar in a hot car! *hears Kevin's voice* ......... *deads* I really like AJ too. his rapping skills are so crazy good! I love his style of rapping, it's probably one of my favorites.... who am I kidding, OF COURSE IT'S MY FAVORITE!! And he's a genius! He really does not cease to amaze me!

I really admire all of them. They are all so amazing and talented and funny and I love all of their personalities.

Let's spazz about U-Kiss together ok! ^o^

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